post Qué define que una obra artística sea buena o mala

How to know if a piece of art is good or bad? Who decides? Are there objective criteria to determine the value of an artistic creation? The quality of a work of art can be assessed in many different ways. Some critics focus on the technique and the artist’s ability to create it, while others focus on the emotional or intellectual impact the piece has on the viewer. However, there are certain guidelines that can be used to gauge the worth of a work of art.

The creative process is a path full of emotional ups and downs that is born from an internal dialogue, from a restlessness. Each work entails a long and complex process that can last days, weeks or even years. During that time, a whole range of emotions and thoughts are experienced: frustration, joy, expectation… and ends up generating a deep emotional connection with the piece, which in some cases is difficult to break.

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Art has always been a form of human communication and expression that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It has evolved along with societies, reflecting the beliefs, customs, and aspirations of peoples throughout history, and its functions have varied according to the time and culture in which it developed.