Graphic designer and visual artist.

My creative journey begins with my studies of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country (Leioa, Bizkaia), specializing in design and painting.

Throughout my professional career, I have woven a balance between my dedication to graphic design, which currently manifests itself as an independent art director at Atvisual, and my parallel evolution as a visual artist. This duality has allowed me to explore the borders of language between the aesthetic functionality of design and artistic expression.

My creative palette spans diverse disciplines, a reflection of the fascination I feel for the peculiarities inherent in each one. Design leaves its mark mainly in my graphic works on paper, where masses of color, the composition of space and the search for synthesis intertwine, creating a unique and personal visual dialogue.

In my pictorial exploration, I find an inexhaustible source of inspiration in nature, together with the plasticity that painting itself offers. I especially like to immerse myself in the color and material expressiveness of each project, which mostly tend to be landscapes or botanical themes. The details of the landscapes blur until the physical world disappears in favor of a more emotional and intangible one. Each brushstroke is an act of translation, a search for the figurative essence towards the realm of the abstract.

My work stands as a constant dialogue between what is seen and what is suggested, in the emotions that underlie each stroke. In this creative journey, I aspire to open windows to aesthetic reflection and invite the viewer to delve into the visual and conceptual richness that unfolds in each work.